Write Your Own Obituary (VIDEO + TRANSCRIPT)

I’ve been doing grief and loss seminars for many years.In the back of my book, What Is Death, I have an area where you can write your own obituary.

My mother gave me one of the greatest gifts about five years before she died. We were on an airplane and she said, “Let’s write my obituary.”

It was such a wonderful gift because she helped me write her own obituary.

So upon her death I had her words. I had her life described the way she wanted and it helped me so much.

I say in my grief and loss seminars one of the greatest gifts you can give is leaving behind a document that explains the type of funeral you would like and writing your own obituary. So during that time of grief and loss when someone is going through so much they don’t have to deal with that because you have been thoughtful enough to write it down, which is why in the back of my book, What Is Death?, I have a section where you can write all your thoughts about your funeral – type of music you would like played, you can write your own obituary.

Many people feel very uncomfortable talking about death. That’s okay. Write it down. It’s a great gift to give those who are left behind.

My book leaves space in the back of it for you to do exactly that. This has been very helpful to many people. It was helpful to me personally that my mother took the time to write her obituary five years before she died.