Look forward to your transition. It’s the first time you will experience unconditional love. There will be all peace and love, and all the nightmares. And the turmoil you went through in your life will be like nothing.

When you make your transition you are asked two things basically: !) How much love you have been able to give and receive, 2) And how much service you have rendered.

And you will know every consequence of every deed, every thought, and every word you have ever uttered. And that is, symbolically speaking, going though hell when you see how many chances you have missed.

But you will also see how a nice act of kindness has touched hundreds of lives that you’re totally unaware of.

So concentrate on love while you’re still around, And teach your children early unconditional love.

So remember, concentrate on love, and look forward to the transition. It’s the most beautiful experience you can ever imagine.

Vayas con dios!