Excerpts from “Good-Bye to Guilt – Releasing Fear Through Forgiveness” By Gerald Jampolsky

True forgiveness is the bridge we walk across that releases us from guilt and fear, and allows us to experience heaven on earth.

In the following chart, which is a prescription for inner peace, please note that the first four steps are about forgiveness. Practicing forgiveness is the key to freedom from guilt in our lives. By constantly applying the eight tenets in this prescription, we can transform our lives and the world we see.

Prescription for Inner Peace:

  1. Forgive our parents totally.
  2. Forgive everyone who has ever been here, who is here now, or who will be here in the future, including ourselves, totally.
  3. Forgive the world totally.
  4. Take a leap in faith and trust in love.
  5. Choose to experience peace rather than conflict.
  6. Choose to experience love rather than fear and guilt.
  7. Choose to find love rather than find fault.
  8. Choose to give love rather than seek love.