Graceful Passages
The Welcoming – Michael Stillwater

Let yourself relax into this moment.
Let yourself be held without any need to hold yourself up.
Let yourself meet the unknown.
It’s OK. It’s a place we don’t have to know with our mind.

What if there were angels all around you and you just couldn’t see them?
What if there was a love so vast that you could never be apart from it?
What if it was impossible for you to go anywhere where this love could not find you?

You are entering the Beauty not far fro your heart.
It’s a place that embraces you as you are.
I trust that you will be met by a welcoming presence that knows you, and that meets you with a deeper love than you have ever imagined in this world.

May you know, without any doubt, the precious gift that you are.
And may you be welcomed by a presence so loving that all fear subsides.

Far beyond where winds have blown, waking into realms unknown
Footsteps free of space and time, silent thunder, holy mind
In the heart a song of peace and mercy calling me back home.