God, You made me.
From before I was born,
You took me through my life.
You supported me.
You were there with me when I wasn’t there with You.
There were times I was sick and You healed me.
There were times I was in despair and You gave me hope.
There were times when I felt betrayed and I could still turn to You.

It was a wonderful life. I loved and I was loved.
I sang, I heard music, I saw flowers, I saw sunrises and sunsets.
Even in places when I was alone,
You in mu heart, helped me turn loneliness into precious solitude.
I look back over the panorama of my life,
What a wonderful privilege this was!

I still have some concerns for the people in the family,
For the world, for the planet.
I put them in Your Blessed Hands.
I trust that whatever in the web of life that needed me to be there
Is now completed.
I thank You for taking the burden from me,
And I thank You for keeping me in the Light.
As I let go, and let go, and let go…and let go.

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