“I received the request to comment about death, coincidentally, on the 22nd anniversary of my mother’s crossing into spirit. It’s a day when I take extra time to communicate with her. I am completely confident that she hears me.

Shortly after she crossed over, my mother began to visit me. Much to my surprise, because she died prematurely and suddenly, I discovered that she, too, had to adjust to being on the other side. Clearly, she was expecting to come home from the hospital in her earthly life, not her spiritual life.

I frequently had dreams of my mother and my grandmother being together right after her crossing. These were not ordinary dreams; they were visits. For me they were very real.

One time, about a month or two after she passed away, I was teaching a channeling class at a client’s home in Virginia. I was asleep in the guest room when my mother’s spirit appeared. She lay down in the bed next tom e and put her arms around me. We both lay there, embracing each other, weeping deeply. I don’t know how long this lasted, but it was profound. It never occurred to me that she too, might also be sad at the loss. It has been so many years since her crossing, and the sadness of the loss has been replaced by the solace of her presence in my life.

My mother visits me from time to time, especially when I am going through a difficult passage in life. She never says anything, but her presence is always comforting. Death is a gateway into the spirit world, the place that is our true home. As a medium who is constantly moving in and out of physical form, I am aware of the beauty of the ‘other side.’ My spirit guides teach that death is no more than a transition from the physical plane to that of the infinite, or the spirit world.

The concept of death is a frightening one for most people because they do not understand their own essence as a spirit being. We move in and out of incarnation, or the embodiment of a physical form, for a limited period of time. Because we are, in essence, spirit, it is organic for us to come and go from the spirit realm to the temporary lodging of the physical. If we reverse our concept to understanding our true nature as spirit, then the inevitability of death is not one that we must ace with trepidation. At the same time, the eventual demise of our physical form assists us in appreciating our life. We see our physical life as the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve. It is said that death is always looking over our shoulder. The time we spend in form is precious. We must appreciate life for its singular purpose, to awaken to who we truly are as spirit beings.”