“Life has an expiration date. I recently learned that. As young people we don’t think what our eventual fate will be. I know that we begin dying from the day that we are born. I believe that death is the passage from this life into another. As we take our last breath, and our hearts take that last beat I think our souls are pulled form the burden of the heavy body and released to float for a short time. I have been at the funerals and felt the presence of the dead one, and have been at other funerals and felt that dead one has already moved on.

Maybe we are given the choice to remain for a while, or leave when we are ready. I also think that we can come back after we are gone but I am not sure for how long.

I smelled my daughter’s perfume one night as she passed through my bedroom. And I have days that I seem to find a lot of pennies. I read that is a common greeting from a loved one. I also believe that my loved ones are without pain, or fear, or anxiety or any of the common stuff we deal with here in our current state. I think that heaven is what we want it to be, maybe fields of wheat, or rows of sunflowers or oceans with waves. But whatever it is, it is peaceful and full of love.

I lost my mother on October 25, 2009, and my daughter two days after I buried my mother. I know that they wait for me. I pull my strength from my mother and from God to get me through this pain that I feel here on earth. I know where I will go when my turn comes and I have no fear of death.

To me, it is not death, just a new beginning, with those who have gone on first.”