“How to be happy now? By making peace with the present moment.”

  • Eckhart Tolle

When we become locked into our stories of what we think life should or shouldn’t be, we suffer.

When we hold on to thoughts of how we want this moment to be different, we suffer.

When we choose nor to let go of our anger, resentment, guilt, shame, fears, what-ifs and if-onlys, should haves and could haves, blaming and complaining, we suffer.

All we need to do is make a decision, set an intention, to be here and now feeling just this moment. Not the past, not the future. This moment. Now.

And let go of everything and anything that is keeping us from being right here. Now.

Peace is the complete acceptance of the present moment.

I am so grateful to practice being in the present moment, knowing I can come back to this place anytime and every time I remember.


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