Pg. xvii

“Love and death are so intertwined and each teaches us about life.”


“Perhaps one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves is: If I die tomorrow, how will I be remembered? Your answer will teach you how to live.”


“Death in our society is generally seen as a negative thing rather than a continuation of a natural cycle that begins when we are born – intensifying as we become more emotionally and spiritually evolved – and comes to fruition when we die.”


Pg. xxx

“…the work of the soul continues on the other side.”


Pg. xxxiii

“At some point in our earthly existence, many individuals awaken to the concept that the most important part about life is that it is a stepping stone to death.”


“If you think of spirit, peace, love and death as four elements in a circle, you may envision a map of life.”


Pg. xxxviii/xxxix

“We give birth to original thoughts and fresh ways of living as we work through the pain and heartache, learning to adapt and expand.”


Pg. xli

“Recognizing the preciousness of human life opens our hearts to connect deeply. None of us will live forever but the love we have extended and shared will continue – like a perfume that lingers in the air after we have left the room.”


Pg. xlii

“As we drop deeper into our divine self, by letting go and finding who we really are, we discover our sacred strengths. The most important gift we can give one another is the pure transparency of our present. Our beauty lives in the quality of our aliveness.”