Part 4

Letting Go

  • Explore Keys to Lasting Happiness

  • Kindness & Compassion

  • Letting Go 

note from Lexie

Part four is about taking what you have learned and implementing it moving forward. “Happiness is a practice not a promise” – Dr. Jay Kumar, and I believe loving kindness, compassion, empathy and equanimity are key factors to finding peace and happiness within yourself.

My hope for you is that you will reach a place within your own process where you will give yourself the kindness and compassion you need (and deserve) to be whole again and find new meaning in your life.

Love and blessings to you. Lexie


I honor the place in which the entire universe dwells… I honor the place in you which is o love, truth, of light, or peace.

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This course includes materials that were shared with me while I was studying grief healing with a variety of teachers. I share many of these insights, with attribution, in the spirit of healing and for educational purposes. This is meant to be transformative material in that it extends or adds to your existing knowledge base.  I found the wisdom of many of these experts helpful and healing when I was grieving and I share them with you in the hopes you will, too.