Part 3


  • What is your Legacy

  • Embracing Transition

  • How other cultures and religious leaders view death 

note from Lexie

Part three is about examining your legacy and determining what is important to you in life and in death. Thinking of how you will be remembered in death is a good way to think about how you want to live now. 

We are all going to die, it’s a matter of when. If you begin to face your own mortality, it helps you accept the death of loved ones and friends.

I’ve provided excerpts from my book “What Is Death?” below, which was a springboard to this grief and loss course. 

The book “Graceful Passages”
is a beautiful book, and I highly recommend you listen to the audio version for comfort on your healing journey. This video provides a sample excerpt.

"What is Death?"

Download Introduction “What is Death?”

by Lexie Potamkin.


"What is Death?"

Download the epilogue of “What is Death?”

by Lexie Potamkin.


This course includes materials that were shared with me while I was studying grief healing with a variety of teachers. I share many of these insights, with attribution, in the spirit of healing and for educational purposes. This is meant to be transformative material in that it extends or adds to your existing knowledge base.  I found the wisdom of many of these experts helpful and healing when I was grieving and I share them with you in the hopes you will, too.