Part 2


  • Forgiveness

  • Perception & Action

  • Near Death Experiences


note from Lexie

Part two is about forgiveness. How to give it, how to receive it and why it is important in your journey to healing. Forgiveness also means forgiving yourself. We are often our own harshest critics, which leads us to the topics of perceptions and actions and how they affect our handling of situations. How they can be helpful, and how they can be misguided.

Read through the articles in order, take time and pause in between. If something you read resonates for you, spend 5 minutes to reflect on and process it, before reading the next one. Exercise. Take a walk. Discuss with a friend or family member. 

A few questions to ask yourself:

1. What have you not forgiven about someone else? 

2. What have you not forgiven in yourself? 

Take about 3 minutes to write down or share your answers with someone.

Within part two, we also delve a little into near-death experiences, which I hope will open your mind to your own exploration of how you view death and loss.

This course includes materials that were shared with me while I was studying grief healing with a variety of teachers. I share many of these insights, with attribution, in the spirit of healing and for educational purposes. This is meant to be transformative material in that it extends or adds to your existing knowledge base.  I found the wisdom of many of these experts helpful and healing when I was grieving and I share them with you in the hopes you will, too.