Part 1

Inward Journey

  • Setting Intentions

  • Meditation

  • Quiet the Mind 


note from Lexie

Open your heart to this self paced, four-part journey to transformation, introspection and healing.

In part one, read through the articles, and spend quiet time alone processing the information. The most important thing is to be gentle with yourself, knowing that you are going through pain. Send unconditional love to yourself.

I highly recommend daily meditation to begin your healing journey. Use the 5 minute meditation video provided below, or do your own. The benefits include:

1. Greater clarity of thinking and creativity.

2. The body experiences deep rest. 

3. Restores the memory of wholeness.

4. Takes you beyond memories and desires to infinite new possibility in your life. 

I am so honored that you are here. There is no place I would rather be than with you in spirit.

Metta Meditation July 2016

Meditation in Sanskrit is “Bhavana,” meaning “cultivation.”Through meditation; you are cultivating your spirit and learning about yourself.

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Practice this 5 Minute Meditation daily to quiet the mind

This course includes materials that were shared with me while I was studying grief healing with a variety of teachers. I share many of these insights, with attribution, for fair use in the spirit of healing and for educational purposes. This is meant to be transformative material in that it extends or adds to your existing knowledge base.  I found the wisdom of many of these experts helpful and healing when I was grieving and I share them with you in the hopes you will, too.