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Create your personal life blueprint.

Powerful exercises you can do everyday, to be happier, stronger and more compassionate.

Like a boat without a rudder, many of us go through life with no idea how we make life decisions, which may lead to anxiety or depression. Discover the principals and values that guide your decisions, and techniques to create a life roadmap to create lasting happiness.

Knowing who you are will allow you to show your true self to everyone you meet. Your legacy begins by living with self-awareness and freedom to be yourself. Learn exercies to become stronger, more loving and more resilient. By harnessing compassion for yourself and others. you will find more peace for yourself, and in the world today. 

About the book

Know Yourself will help you define your current life philosophy and open your mind to new ways of seeing the world. In this life-changing book, you will learn tools to develop a stronger, happier and more compassionate you.

You will discover: 

  • Insights into how your personal philosophy is developed
  • Exercises and ideas for improving self-awareness
  • Tips for creating a wisdom tool-kit you can call upon in daily life
  • Understanding of why struggle, suffering and pain are part of life
  • New ways to perceive your life and world around you
  • Instruction on how to meditate – even if you never have
  • How to develop a practice that will touch your soul
  • Technique to help others through the use of ancient wisdom

Praise for Know Yourself

“At a time of wounded bodies and spirits, of emotional and social ills, and of turmoil and loss, how does one find inner strength and peace? Know Yourself offers to people of all backgrounds a needed answer to this question. In her Intellectually rich and deeply moving personal meditation on finding, knowing, and becoming a person of compassion, Lexie Potamkin provides an array of philosophical and spiritual pathways to a better, more meaningful life. Most of all, she blesses us with insights that help us to be true to ourselves through embracing a self-love capacious enough to love those who are different from us.”

 — Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham, PhD, Professor of History and of African and African American Studies, Harvard University

“In Know Yourself, Lexie Brockway Potamkin offers rich insight for self-awareness and discovery, winding through spiritual philosophy, wise teachings, and meditative experience. Though the pathway may be new, readers will instinctively feel they are not alone as she not only invites but accompanies and guides us throughout the journey inward – with her wisdom, warmth, and sense of wonder.”


— Gail J. Stearns, Dean of the Wallace All Faiths Chapel, Chapman University

“Lexie Brockway Potamkin is a generous and beautiful soul who has been a devoted supporter of the work of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and of our work at Emory University and Drepung Loseling Monastery. She has long been committed to her own spiritual practice and to learning all she could about how to make the world a more compassionate place. Her years of experience, and her loving heart, are clear in this thoughtful and inspiring book.”


— Lobsang Tenzin Negi, PhD, Professor of Pedagogy, Department of Religion Executive Director, Center for Contemplative Science and Compassion-Based Ethics Emory University

“Lexie has written a book filled with easy-to-use tools and techniques to help bring people more balance and peace of mind. In a world filled with so much suffering, her book, Know Yourself, offers a ray of hope that through compassion for ourselves and others we can make our world a better place.”


— Dr. Brigitt Rok, Clinical Psychologist. 

 “Know Yourself speaks to the very soul of a wounded world coping in the midst of crises and to the heart of humanity seeking hope for a brighter future. Lexie’s valuable lessons for achieving both personal transformation and global peace guide us to explore the fundamental nature of our core identity, purpose in life, and sense of being. Integrating timeless spiritual truths, cutting-edge science, and her own personal wisdom, Know Yourself provides the timely antidote we require to become a happier, stronger, and more compassionate world.”  

— Dr. Jay Kumar, Author of Science of a Happy Brain

About the Author

Meet Lexie 

Lexie Brockway Potamkin has devoted many years to helping others through her work as a successful author, business leader, speaker, humanitarian, and ordained minister. Her new book Know Yourself is based on her lifetime study of principles and philosophies from around the world.

As a former Miss World USA, her light shines from the inside out, and the Dali Lama nicknamed her his "englightened daughter." She studied world religions at The Spiritual Paths Institute and spiritual psychology from University of Santa Monica and believes a spiritual connection connects most religions. 


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