Free Resources


Meditation calms the mind, reduces stress and inspires creativity. Enjoy a variety of meditations, such as a 5 minute meditation with Lexie by the river or a Metta-meditation of loving-kindness. Meditation is the practice of opening your mind, holding the pleasures and the pains of everyday life and being completely authentic.

Grief & Loss

If I die tomorrow, how will I be remembered? Your answer will teach you how to live. Through these free resources, I hope you can find more meaning in your life by better understanding and accepting our inevitable transition into the next realm.


Discover the meaning of “Inclusiastic”, a word Lexie created for equanimity and acceptance of all religions. Watch a Buddhist Christian dialogue, a Buddhist Jewish dialogue, and commentary from The Drepung Loseling Monks. Also included are talks by Lexie Potamkin and videos of the Drepong Loseling Monks, including the creation and meaning of a Mandala.