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Author, teacher and ordained minister, Lexie Brockway Potamkin spent over 20 years researching life’s most profound questions, which led to the “Spirit Peace Love” book series. Part of her research included 750 interviews with people from all walks of life, including dignitaries, celebrities and teachers.

Lexie studied world religions at the Spiritual Paths Institute, and spiritual psychology at Santa Monica University, and created the word “Inclusiastic” to represent equanimity and inclusion of most religions. The former Miss World USA,  founded and sold a successful public relations firm, and spent years as a national public relations professional speaker and hosted her own talk show. 

As Vice President of the International League for Human Rights, she spoke before the United Nations and worked alongside the Dalai Lama.

Published Books

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Happy Readers


The Perfect Gift Books and Conversation Starters

What is Spirit?

 Spirit connects us all. Use as conversation starters to share with family and colleagues, and enjoy the colorful art of renowned artist,  Peter Max.

What is Peace?  

Create meaningful dialogue on Peace. Great for dinner conversation and seminars. Intricate detailed artwork by prestigious artist Anatoly Ivanov.

What is Love?

Great Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, teachers and wedding gift. “Love”, defined by well known leaders and teachers. Whimsical art by Susan B. Howard.  

What is Death?

Comfort yourself and loved ones during grief and loss. People of all backgrounds define “What is death”. Abstract art by Deborah Lieberman Fine.

What is

Laughter heals. Be inspired to laugh more, which will boost your immune system and reduce anxiety. Joyful art by Romero Britto’s will make you smile.

Learn with Lexie

FREE Grief & Loss course 

Wtih over 20 years of research, Lexie curated resources and tools to guide you through four parts of healing and grief.


Enjoy meditations to open your mind to positive emotions, creativity and a sense of calm.


Discover the meaning of “Inclusiastic”, a word Lexie created for equanimity and acceptance of all religions.

It’s better to be loving than to be right.

– lexie potamkin

Grief & Loss

FREE Course

powerful tools to guide and heal you through experiencing death or any major life change. 

We all have the spiritual capacity for healing and forgiveness.   

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