Author Lexie Brockway Potamkin, a non-denominational minister, sent over 1,000 questionaires to the famous and not-so-famous and did hundreds of interviews asking people to respond to a simple question: What is spirit? Among the more than 150 plus contributors to the book you’ll find Jimmy Carter, Gloria Steinem, Bob Hope, Bernard S. Siegel, M.D., Hilary Rodham Clinton, John Dye, Andy Garcia and a number of Tibetan monks all giving inspirational, thought-provoking responses to What is Spirit? The artwork throughout was done by Peter Max and complements the messages of wisdom. Potamkin says, “I initially wanted to write a gift book but as I started asking people about spirit and listened to their reponses , I became enthralled and uplifted to hear how spirit transformed their lives.” There is one consistent theme — spirit equals love, and love equals spirit. It is a gift book — pure and simple.

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