Free Grief & Loss Healing Course

A self paced course of powerful tools to guide you through each step of the grieving process. Lexie curated this step-by-steP journey through over 20 years of research and study.

“Each of us can be our own wisdom teacher and has the spiritual capacity for healing and forgiveness”  – Lexie Potamkin


We recommend you go through each of the 4 parts in order, to guide you on your journey. Each Part includes a focus on one of the 4 stages of Grief and Loss and suggested readings    

Take as much time or as little time you need for each section. Healing is a transformational journey of introspection. Go at your own pace. Some materials may speak to you more than others, and that is ok. I’m honored to be on this journey with you in spirit – Lexie Potamkin


Thank you again for your generous and loving offering of this program. I hope that it serves the needs of many looking to accept the dying and healing process.   -Barbara Owens

Additional Resources

What Is Death?

Answer these questions addressed here with your heart-felt answers. If you join all your answers from these questions you will have your legacy in one document.

Write Your Obituary

Why my mother’s greatest gift was writing her own obituary. Writing your own obituary and funeral wishes, which, Lexie explains, is one of the greatest gifts you can leave your loved ones.

Buy the Book

What is death? Your answer might just teach you how to live. After I finished writing What is Love? a tiny voice said to me, “Write What is Death?” Love and death are so intertwined and each teaches us about life. A dear friend once said, “The three most important days of our lives are the day we are born, the day we figure out why we were born and the day we die.” Our divine purposes are as varied as human beings are unique. Discover more about the book What Is Death? Messages From the Heart.

Suggested Reading List

Excerpts from “Really Important Things My Dog Has Taught Me” By Cynthia L. Copeland

Ten Keys to Happiness By Deepak Chopra

Appealing Technique Meditation – By Dr. Marie Dezelic

Download the 4 key questions to define your legacy. Get to know yourself.